About Us

TravTech Company Overview

Experience, Excellence and Dedication

TravTech Inc. develops and operates web-based travel applications. TravTech has targeted the Cruise industry with its flagship application suite CruiseBase which provides both front and back-office customer management functionality and provides both consumer and travel agents the ability to search and book cruises on-line. TravTech has recently enhanced CruiseBase, giving Trams ClientBase Plus customers the ability to book on-line from within their ClientBase Plus application.

TravTech is the principle technology supplier to Cruise.com and manages its web site in addition to providing it the CruiseBase applications available to other customers. Both TravTech and Cruise.com are wholly-owned by Omega World Travel.

Technology at a Glance

TravTech's applications are fully web-enabled applications requiring no client software installed on the users' computer. Most applications are built as 3-tier applications using Microsoft's latest .Net development environment and run-time systems. The data tier is implemented using multiple replicated SQL Server 2008 and 2012 database servers that guarantee both high performance and high availability.

The middle tier is implemented as a set of .Net Web Services that provide managed access to structured data for the presentation tier or for other middle tier applications. The middle tier applications run as a load-balance set across multiple IIS-8 application servers and are written as .Net managed C# or C++ code.

The presentation tier applications are written in Microsoft .Net C# and run across multiple IIS-8 web servers each running the Windows 2012 operating system. The web applications make extensive use of XSLT technology and adhere to modern HTML5 and CSS web design standards. The consumer facing applications are designed to be fully responsive and mobile friendly to support a variety of browsers and mobile devices.

The production environment is hosted in cloud using multiple Amazon Web Service (AWS) availability zones with software application firewalls and load balancers to ensure system availability at all times.