Custom Design & Development

Custom Solutions

TravTech offers Custom Development Solutions to meet the unique requirements of larger agencies that may need special/unique features for an enhanced user experience or for integration with their own in-house systems. Custom Development Solutions are priced and delivered based on specific customer requirements.

Some of examples of previous Custom Development engagements are:

  • Customization of the Cruise Search or Consumer Booking Engine page layout (beyond what is possible using skin override CSS file)
  • Support for Loyalty Point cruise pricing and/or integration with an agency or bank Loyalty Program system
  • Integration with an agency's customer database (including support for Single Sign-On)
  • Integration with an agency's back-office/accounting system(s) (either real-time or via daily batch)
  • Special (custom/non-standard) features with CruiseBase applications
  • Custom content feed (non-standard file feed formats)
  • Special/Custom Reports within the Agent Booking Center

Non-cruise related custom development projects have also included:

  • Real time interface to GDS systems for Pre trip data to feed Reporting Systems
  • Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) process to extract data from Agresso's Central Command to feed Reporting systems
Custom Design and Development