Agent Booking Engine

Easy to Use Cruise Pricing and Availability

Agent Booking Engine with Cruise Search

  • Real time display of all pricing options by cruise only for air/sea
  • Pricing and content for 50+ cruise lines (18 real-time)
  • Best available cabin displays, deck plan layouts, cabin configurations and photos
  • Dining/seating options
  • Port Explorer offers detailed information on ports worldwide
  • Immediate confirmation from the cruise line
  • Fully integrated client data including automated address completion
  • Booking prices based on agency pseudo-city code or phone number
  • Search by cruise line, ship, destination, date range or embarkation port
  • Secure a cruise booking, discount the base fare, enter discount

Complete Cruise Search

Because the sale process is not always the same the Agent Booking Engine features a versatile cruise search allowing agents to search for pricing and availability in a variety of ways. Searches can be made by specific ship & sail date, or by a wider means allowing for searches by destination, cruise line, cruise length, embarkation port and more. Finally the Advance Search is available to narrow down for more specific results.

Multiple Rate Codes

Selling a cruise is not necessarily easy. As ships get larger and larger and the competitive landscape grows many different pricing options are frequently offered for the same ship and category. The Agent Booking Engine displays all of that information in an easy to read pricing grid that is complete with detailed fare rules that will help the agent determine the best price that their customer would qualify for.

Promotional Offer Details

Cruise lines publish a variety of offers that agents need to be aware of. It's important for them to be able to quickly ascertain the offer details including the booking window, applicable ships and sail dates and promotion details. Agencies can opt to enter these special offers and offers that are unique to their agency or they can choose to have the standard cruise line promotions displayed as an optional feature.

CRM Integration

The Agent Booking Engine, used in conjunction with the Agent Booking Center, provides a very streamlined booking process. When a client is entered into the Agent Booking Center the agent simply selects that client and goes the Agent Booking Engine to book the cruise. The client's information is then automatically and securely sent to the cruise line, the booking is made and an invoice is created in the client's profile.

ClientBase/TRAMS Integration

Agencies who use Trams can easily take advantage of TravTech's Agent Booking Engine using Live Connect. The process can start in ClientBase where client information is automatically passed to the Agent Booking Engine and the reservation information is automatically sent back to ClientBase. Or, agents can start in the Agent Booking Engine and push the reservation information back into the Trams database.

Real-time Pricing Database

To improve system speed and reliability, the database prices are updated and stored daily which allows for cruise prices to be searched even if the cruise line systems are unavailable. During the booking process prices are obtained real-time from the automated cruise lines systems. If unavailable invoices can be created if manual bookings are made directly with the cruise line.