Group Management

Group Rates & Inventory

Group Management (Add-On Module)

Groups can offer an agency the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and TravTech offers agencies the ability to easily manage promotional and affinity groups from start to finish. In addition promotional group's pricing and availability can be displayed in the consumer booking engine to give the agency a competitive advantage and to maximize group retention. ABC's group management system boasts a variety of useful features designed to streamline the group process.

  • Allows group pricing in the consumer booking engines as selected
  • Allows for group amenities to be shown on the consumer booking engine as a value ad
  • Differentiates between promotional and affinity groups
  • Automatic calculation of profits, commissions and tour conductor credits
  • Tracks promotional deposits, tour conductor credits and bonus commissions
  • Automatic decrementing of inventory
  • Total control of pricing and inventory
  • Group reporting including group inventory reports, group booking reports, deposit and refund reports, earned tour conductor credits, and rooming lists
  • Group reconciliation module makes it easy to finalize groups and ensure that profits are being maximized

Group Pricing & Inventory

The group management system is a tool where agencies can enter and maintain their group inventory and pricing. Group prices can be displayed for sale in both the consumer and agent booking engines. As cabins are sold the inventory is automatically decremented, individual invoices are identified as being part of the group and additional reports can be run to keep track of all group activity.

Group Reconciliation

One of the most important aspects of group management is keeping track of the group revenue and making sure that there is agreement between the cruise line records and the agency records. The group reconciliation tool makes automatic calculations from individual invoices in addition to managing agency level group deposits, tour conductor credits and bonus commissions.

Detailed Reporting

In addition to group reconciliation summaries the group management system also provides a number of helpful reports to manage and maintain groups. Group agents can run group inventory reports, individual invoice reports and rooming list reports and provides all of the tools to make sure groups can be easily controlled and maintained.