Cruise Data Content Solutions

Offering the Most Comprehensive Data Source

Companies looking to create their own booking solution can do so without having to spend an undue amount of time creating a database of content to populate their application. Travtech offers a content service and can provide the data through a variety of methods. All files are updated daily to ensure that the information provided is the most current. Here is just some of the content that can be accessed:

Cruise Data (Text Files)

  • Cruise Itineraries
  • Sailings
  • Ships (categories, decks and facilities)
  • Vendor and Zone (destination) Codes
  • Lead Prices (by sailing & cabin type)

Image Data

  • Category Cabin
  • Deck Plans
  • Itinerary Map
  • Ship & Ship Public Area
  • Vendor Logo

TravTech's cache database provides the most up to date and comprehensive content for over 40 cruise lines on over 400 ships and over 30,000 itineraries. Whatever your content needs are TravTech will be able to fulfill them.

Content Usage

The Cruise Content Service is designed to meet the needs of larger agencies or organizations that want to develop their own cruise applications. Based on the client's requirements the CSS can be configured to provide all files or a subset of the available text files and/or image data.

Data Access

Text-based data is provided via FTP and is updated on a daily basis to ensure the most current information.

Image files can be accessed real time using an HTTP URL or can be downloaded into the client's local database storage.

Comprehensive Database

Detailed content is offered for over 50 cruise lines and over 30,000 sailings worldwide. User generated star ratings and In-depth port information can also be used to enhance the user experience on any website.